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You ever wants to sees me and de guys hangings out, just goes over to Under the Rainbow where I gots a totally hot girlfriend and a whole lots of future kids! Dey's not mary stews, though. Acepts for Teja. He's a jerk.

You can finds me dere as oh_wowee as usual! Oh, an' dere's Nathans, and two whole Skwisgaars, an' a Pickle an' EVEN CHARLIE IS DERE. We has a Murderface for a whiles, but he disappears. I just glad I don't gots to put up with his stinky feets no more.

So dere you goes! I hopes you guys gots a super good time in de world, and I miss all my pals over in de bar! I sees you sooner dens you think!


100 Question RPC Meme

snagged from hallo_katzchen

101 Questions You Should Be Able to Answer About Your Character


 It was pretty much like every other day in Mordhaus. The roadies were dying unsightly deaths, the band had gotten out of practice and went to do whatever it is they did on their free time, and as such, Toki was off building his model airplanes.

To be quite honest, however, he'd been rather edgy as of late. Short tempered and snappish at anyone who dared disagree with his often jaded-sounding opinions, and shunning of others, including Skwisgaar. He'd stayed in his own room for the past two days, not to be shrewd or unreasonable, but just to make sure he didn't hurt the Swede's feelings when he turned down any advances made.

Something was boiling underneath his outward emotions, something very forseeable in the band's knowledge of Toki. They'd seen it before. First it was the children and the Wish for Something foundation, and then it was due to rabies, and now... well, now it was a number of factors, the most of which was losing his friend.

If someone were to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, the powder keg would ignite and explode and leave a brutal wake of fire in its path.

Dis is madness! DIS IS MILLICANON!!

Dethklok Millicanon

The members of Dethklok are for all intents and purposes, human. Their power, if it could be called that, comes from their music. The more members of the band that are playing together, the more powerful the song becomes. One member alone can only bring a slight shift in the breeze, or an emotion into a song that most people cannot express in music.
The results of all five members being in a jam together is destruction, chaos, and demonic/evil energy.

Despite this, the band members seem to be oblivious to their powers. They just think they're really good musicians.

The members of Dethklok are okay with violence and death and brutality, since it happens around them on a daily basis. This includes, but is not limited to violent death, maiming, bruising, scratching, ripping off/out of limbs/organs, scalding, burning, and death in general. However, this is only true in the case of random strangers. If Dethklok loses someone close to them (i.e.: doubles), they will get sentimental and upset about it. If they're faced with traumatic things not caused by them (i.e. someone getting skinned alive for 'special leather'), they will react in horror and disgust, but only inasmuch as one would react to a horror movie of the same nature.

They are still dumb as posts, for the most part.

Being that they are more talented, rich and famous than any other musical group in history of their world, they have been dubbed Rock Gods. They are revered as such, and are capable of things Gods are capable of. An example of this would be their prolific drinking. However, they can not smite, they can not bless, and they are, as said before, in effect, still human.

It has been minorly touched upon that the guitarists have known each other since before Dethklok, and have been covertly messing around with each other for just as long. Charles knows about this, though the other members of the band may have not known.

Pickles is a strange occurance indeed. He knows about his powers, but is apathetic to them by the time he becomes a part of Dethklok, schluffing them off as typical behavior for EVERYONE. His knowledge of the timeline stems from the fact that he's been coming into the bar since just after his days with Snakes & Barrels, and had met Skwisgaar, Toki and Nathan in the bar before he actually met them in the real world. All three of them tipped him off to what would happen in his future, thus altering the timeline to both his, and Dethklok's advantage. He knows the key to success, and will/has share/d said information with Ofdensen.

In the occurance of a character coming into the storyline, we will alert them to the threads that we've written about said character, helping along the process of integration. If the player of said character doesn't approve, we can handwave or retcon that thread/information, no big deal.

If any member of Dethklok encounters a telepath, empath, or another like-abilitied character, they tend to think quite loudly. At least, that's what our local telepaths and empaths have told us. Depending on the character, you may wind up being muddled to telepathic folks, due to the murky nature of your brain.
Toki, for example, thinks in images and sensations, and has quite a vivid, active imagination. Words rarely show up in his thought process unless there's no other way to express himself. He is a natural draw to empaths. Your pup's experience may vary from person to person, and I'd be surprised to find that for example, Ofdensen thought anywhere near as loudly as any of the boys. In fact, I'd be hard pressed to be surprised if he had mental shields up for the one reason alone of He Knows Things.

There's some debate as to how much the manager knows. Some say he knows more than he lets on, some say he knows absolutely everything about the band, and Pickles says that it goes beyond that, that Ofdensen likely knew about everything about the course of events before any of them even met him.

Or, you know, he's just a guy that looks after the craziest, stupidest, richest guys in the world. THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW.

If you're one of the characters, it's important to remember a few little tidbits of information that go beyond the show.

- That Pickles plays Time Origami. Below, in the replies, is a general time line of WTF's gone on in his history. If you want any details, contact Sage.
- That Skwisgaar and Toki are completely hush-hush publicly about their romance, bar doesn't count because it's not a part of reality for them, it exists outside of reality, and logiklok states that anything that exists outside of reality doesn't matter. Snogging happens, and frequently. Nobody outside of Mordhaus knows about their tryst.
- We follow Canon. Anything that happens in Canon, happens in the RP. Retconning is allowed for this purpose.
- They UTTERLY SMASH the fourth wall. They don't break OTHER CHARACTERS' realities by telling them they're fictional, but they know damn well that there's an outside world, and they talk to it frequently. Canonically, Dethklok does it, so do we, i.e.; Toki is aware of Sausage Festival. Pickles reads blogs. Nathan (probably) knows of a few RL porn sites. They all know RL movies and TV shows, RL bands, and RL people. They don't know they're fictional. They know they're famous, and that's what matters to them.

Mundane crap you might want to know:
- The door to the Bar is two doors down from the Mordhaus kitchens, facing it. If you were to come out of the kitchens, the door would be to your left and on the opposite wall, and further down the corridor on that end would be the elevator. The reason it was found was because Toki got bored one day and decided to open doors he didn't know.
- The door is always there. The only time it's locked is if there's already a younger instance of the character in the bar. (i.e. Dethklok Pickles cannot get into the bar if his younger self is already there. This is to make sure time/space doesn't fold in on itself, and relieves confusion amongst the characters AND the players.)

OOC Moment! Leave all messages here!



Leave your message right here as to why you've befriended this (or  any of the Dethpups, for that matter) journal! These are RP journals, yo, and we wanna know what we did to deserve a spot on your friend page.


Dec. 16th, 2007

It was just after noon in Mordhaus on Saturday. Toki had already finished his yoga-and-weightlifting part of the day, and had just popped in to grab a bagel and some coffee for breakfast before making his way to Pickles' room. Pickles, of course, had already agreed to drive Toki and Skwisgaar to get Skwisgaar's second gift.

Pickles grumbled unhappily that he was awake and for Toki to keep his damn pants on while he got ready to drive. That gave Toki enough time to go find Skwisgaar and remind him that today, they'd planned to go out and have a little fun.


Dec. 8th, 2007

It was the day after Skwisgaar and Toki spent the whole night practicing the new set of songs that had been cooked up in the past month or so, and for the first time in maybe three months, Toki wasn't up and awake at nine in the morning, doing his daily workout.

In fact, it was well after noon when he woke up and rolled out of his own bed, and got ready for the day. He was in a less bad mood, knowing that Pompeii had stayed with Skwisgaar overnight, and that it was closer to Yule by one whole day.

He made his way into the dining hall and grabbed a doughnut and some coffee, dropping himself into a chair, entirely excited about the gifts he'd gotten his band mates for the holidays. Of course, the most thought went into the ones of the band he actually knew well enough. Skwisgaar and Nathan. And he'd even gone and gotten the presents wrapped in a very festive manner, knowing he couldn't trust himself with the tape and paper.

He turned to Skwisgaar. "I thinks dat everyones should gets a present every week of de Yule seasons, dats would be totally metal."


Nov. 2nd, 2007

Oh HELL no, he wouldn't let Skwisgaar just storm off like that. He sped after the lead guitarist, and then paused, ran back to the kitchen, grabbed two bottles of the hardest liquor he could find, and ran back towards Skwisgaar. "You just waits a fG#ing minute." He huffed, holding out the bottle of everclear to the Swede.


Toki held Miniver's hand to pull him through into the hallway of Mordhaus, three doors down from the kitchen. It smelled like it was barbecue night.

"Okay, we goes down dis hall, up de elevators, and den to Skwisgaar's room. You will sees what I means when we gets dere dat it need a serious improvements."

Toki bounded down the hall, hauling three over-filled ticks of tye-dyed fabric and smiled, waving to the Roadies. "Dat guy's with me, don't kills him!" He called out to them, and the Roadies eyed Miniver. 

A sort of OOM, but not really.

Toki's mindframe was this.
Ugh! I hates dem all, dey thinks I not so good at guitars! I shows dem dat I can dos it too!!

Of course, that didn't mean he wasn't any better or any more agile with his fingers than he was when he first started guitar lessons, so after his recital, he still was feeling badly. He may have seemed happy, but his Master had died, and Skwisgaar still gave him shit, so he deposited himself into a chair at the bar and was working very strongly to overcome the obstacles of being the second fastest guitar player in the world.

Perhaps, he'd even find time to ask bar for Sandwiches for the guys! Maybe that might win them over. After all, that's how Murderface did it.

But it didn't take him long before someone with a lot of hair and tight clothes found him. 

It was a redhead.
A redheaded guitarist drummer by the name of Pickles.

"Dude, Toki, what's wrong?" Asked the young version of the person that Toki knew.
This kind of caring and non-apathy and level of sobriety was a foreign concept in relation to Pickles in Toki's mind and he just blinked.

"I don't wants to talks about it." Said the Norwegian finally, huffing and returning to his guitar.

"Oh, okay, whatever, anyways, heh..." Pickles started, just shaking his head. Sometimes, he figured, the boys of Dethklok just had their issues and he wouldn't get involved until he had to.
"I need you to do me a favor. A pretty big important one, okay? I mean, you can help me out, right champ?"

"Don't wants to helps. You says I's bad at guitar sounds and dats Skwisgaar is de bests. You didn't even votes for me to stays in de bands."
Pickles rolled his eyes. He was not the voting type, he didn't even know what a voting booth LOOKED like.
"No, seriously, Toki, relax dude. It's real easy, I got this letter I need to get to me in yer time, I got some things I need to ask him and stuff and we..."
"GIVES IT TO YOU YOURSELFS PICKLE! I not interested in dis stupid times flux momble jombles! Just leaves me alones!"
"Dude, that's the problem, I can't give it to myself, because while I'm here, he can't be."
Toki paused. Well, Pickles had been complaining that the door to Milliways was locked for him for a couple days. And that was more annoying than this.
"Okays, I gives you dis stupid letters. But I don't wants to bes a personal message-givers to yous. Has Skwisgaar dos it, he's betters at mes den everythings anyway." 

Pickles shrugged that off as well. Band drama. Not his problem. He handed Toki the letter, which was pocketed, and he walked off.

After Toki returned to Mordhaus that night, he approached an older Pickles.
"Your girlselfs says to gives you dis, I tells him not to talks to mes to sends backs and forths love-letters with mes, you talks to Skwisgaar." 
"Oh, dude, okay, right on, thanks Toki." Pickles opened the letter to read,

Dear me,
Hey okay now I'm a little confused how this works, you probably sort of remember writing this
(Hey! I do!) and you probably want to know what's up.
Well, we're together with Miniver right now, and it's fucking fantastic. I hope you know that you're a big part of why he even asked. Thanks for that, I mean it.
Okay so the reason I'm writing is because you should probably think about making brownies more often, because the reaction I'm getting now is actually really funny.
And oh yeah, I'll be in the bar for a couple months straight, I'm sure you remember that too, so since you do, just remember that I'm having more fun for your sake of fond memories than you could build up yourself since you're old and bald and I'm young and have Cheevy. 
We'll be going out of bar in a couple days for a little outing so you can visit then, but otherwise, Bar's mine for two months. Thanks.
By the way, what the HELL is up with the guitarists? Are they an item? What's up with that? And tell Nathan that you can still kick his ass at drinking.

Pickles rolled his eyes and chuckled before tossing the letter aside. He'd write back eventually, but his young self should know better than to think he cared to answer any questions about anything.