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oh_wowee's Journal

Toki Wartooth
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I Ain't here no mores, guys! You just miss me, I hops a ride on a tornado and finds myself in a totally different place!

Toki was born in a small village outside of Lillehammer, Norway, to Anya and Rev. Auslag Wartooth. His childhood, as he remembers it, involved moving from parish to parish, disease, death, and frequent beatings. His parents took a vow of silence before he was born, so he was slow to learn spoken language. When he was 10, he was shipped off to a music school in Oslo, where he learned how to play Piano by ear, though never to read music. He slacked off during most of his school days, learning instead to play the guitar. By the time he was 16, he was good enough to enter contests to play speed guitar. He was 18 when he first won the national championship, and lost the world championships to Skwisgaar Skwigelf. For the next five years, he'd been the silver medalist in speed guitar, when his bandmate, Skwisgaar, took first place every time. Since then, they've been the undisputed champions of guitar, and there hasn't been a contest held since 2002.

Toki has met, and remembers Ravin, Filif, Teja, Darcy Flotsam, Kédra, Ironhide, Homestar Runner, Rachel Grey, Stephanie (from Lazytown), Enzo, Dot and Bob (from Reboot). and he's played a duet/concert here with his bandate, Skwisgaar Skwigelf. It is unknown whether the two guitarists are friends, rivals, or something else. Pretty commonly, people get the 'something else' vibe from them. It has been pretty much millicanonized that they're together romantically.
There is a door in Mordhaus, on the way to the kitchen, that is a perma-door to Milliways. The muns' logic behind this is that even if the guitarists themselves didn't do three impossible things that day, the band did.
HE TOTALLY MET HAN SOLO OMG HE'S FLAILING ABOUT THIS FOREVAR. Yes. He's a fan of Star Wars. No, he doesn't try to use the force. His favorite character was, is, and always will be Han Solo, and now that he's actually met the guy, he's incredibly humbled.
In early April 2007, he was temporarily Bound and made to go through an impromptu detox.
In the summer of 2007, he was made to go to a guitarist's retreat with Skwisgaar, where Toki picked up Yoga.
In fall of 2007, Toki and Skwisgaar finally had a fight that proved once and for all how close they really were.
In winter of 2007, Toki got all stoked for Yule, handed out gifts, and found out that his best pal from the bar, Rachel, was going to die. He went through many stages of grief, annoying the shit out of his fellow guitarist. He also met Teja, who has decided to come to their next tour, to see his deathbed.
In January of 2008, Toki is still going through grief over Rachel, has gotten back into playing the piano, has met a dragon, and is due to go berserker after Rachel dies.
In February of 2008, Toki got sucked up by a vortex and was landed in a different RP. So long, and thanks for the underwater friends, Milliways!

Toki Wartooth is from Metalocalypse, and is the property of Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha. He appears here for the purposes of role-playing in milliways_bar and posting in various Dethklok and role-playing communities, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.